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Creation of characters and stories of Resilience

If you are a mother, father, therapist, teacher, educator or any person who support children and their developmental processes and you need for your child a constructive reference of RESILIENCE and you have not found one that fits their emotional wound, get in touch with us and we will make a character with their respective story of overcoming that accompanies the emotional process which your child is going through.


The result that we give you is a mini illustrated story personalized to the needs that the person you want to support.


At Lobo Real we know how difficult it is sometimes to find a story tailored to the needs of our little ones, so each child is a treasure, different, with varied experiences that distinguish them from others. Many times the adults tend to compare the development history, behavior or emotionality of our little ones but we are wrong, because even if the children share points in common, to get to the bottom of their soul and what torments them, we must treat each case as unique and special.


Recognizing the processes of our little ones as EXCLUSIVE  is to give them the value that corresponds to them, which is key to increasing their self-esteem and the recognition that they deserve.


Psychotherapy in Trauma and Resilience

We do ONLINE psychotherapy sessions to support families and minors following the methodology of Jorge Barudy and Maryorie Dantagnan. The therapeutic paradigm is intended to overcome the consequences of traumatic processes promoting the resiliencie. 

For more information you can visit their web site:


TAMARA IGLESIAS COSTAS is the author and illustrator of Tierra Daurora, a story made during her travels through Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. British Columbia, with its wildlife and nature, has been the place of greatest inspiration for the creation and birth of this wonderful and magical tale.

Tamara is a psychologist  G- 5435 and systemic psychotherapist specialized in childhood trauma. She has a great background accompanying the trauma and resilience processes of people victims of domestic and institutional violence, being women, children, and their families, the area where she has the most years of experience and professional recognition.

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