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Lobo Real is a self-managed artistic project with the objective of supporting therapeutic processes of trauma and resilience. 


This project was born from the need to respond to the emotional support of a society early damaged by an abusive, violent and tremendously unfair system, in which we all participate and to a greater or lesser extent we are part of it, sometimes suffering violence and other times exercising it.


In Lobo Real we have focused on the emotional and psychological damage that occurs after experiencing emotional neglect, abandonment and lack of affection during the first years of life. These experiences, when acquired at such an early age, have an enormous impact on our development and our future as adults. Well, we know that an early traumatic experience modifies the structures of the developing human brain, affecting many of its capacities and functions, especially in those areas involved in emotional and relational regulation.


Damage to these structures generates difficulties in the integration of emotions, thoughts and actions and, therefore, generates discomfort or suffering in many areas of life, especially in the relationship with oneself and, therefore, in the relationship with others and with life itself, the challenges that arise in it and the ability or inability to cope with them.


Sustaining the damage is essential for its healing, whether accompanied by a person who promotes a secure attachment, by an experience that contains it or by a therapeutic process that favors resilience. Therefore, in Lobo Real we wanted to do our bit by creating and designing characters and stories of trauma and resilience with the aim that, by identifying with the character and his story, the person can achieve internal strategies that favor the personal development of resources to cope with the traumatic experience.


If you are interested in knowing more about my work, please contact me.


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